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Tag Archives: Conflicts of Interest

Who’s Minding The Store?


One of the most critical building blocks to a successful retirement plan is the fund line-up. Determining exactly which investment options to select, and the process by which a plan sponsor monitors these funds, has a meaningful impact on a …

02/18/2013 Tagged , ,

A Clear Path to Understanding Retirement Plan Economics


In this short webinar, Greenspring provides a "behind the scenes" look at how retirement plan fees work with a specific focus on explaining the often misunderstood concept of "revenue sharing."

11/23/2011 Tagged , , ,

The Fiduciary Duty to Keep the Fox Out of The Hen House – Part 2


In my previous post, I described the way plan sponsors often allow conflicted service providers to dictate the investment process for them, leading to a number of potential fiduciary issues.

09/03/2009 Tagged , , ,

The Fiduciary Duty to Keep the Fox Out of The Hen House – Part 1


We come across many plans that have serious conflicts of interest which are often the result of undisclosed affiliations or compensation arrangements.

09/02/2009 Tagged , , ,

Uncovering Conflicts When Hiring A Retirement Plan Advisor


As described in my email interview with Fred Reish, one of the biggest problems plan fiduciaries often encounter is identifying or uncovering conflicts of interest that may cloud the objectivity of their service providers.

01/12/2009 Tagged , ,

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